VMDWA: The Voice of Virginia’s Drinking Water Utilities

The Virginia Municipal Drinking Water Association (VMDWA) is a member association comprised of local governments and water authorities that provide the essential public service of supplying Virginians with safe drinking water. VMDWA also includes leading consulting engineering firms that are trusted by utility members to serve them in this critical work.

VMDWA’s purpose is to advocate for science-based, sensible, and sustainable laws and policies to help ensure safe and affordable water for Virginians.  

VMDWA accomplishes this purpose by (1) providing a venue for local governments and water authorities to share knowledge on drinking water policy and management, (2) establishing and maintaining good working relationships with state and local officials responsible for drinking water policy in Virginia, (3) encouraging the establishment of sound policies related to public water supply, and (4) assisting in the development of laws, regulations and policies based on good science, technology, and sound management practices.

VMDWA is modeled on and intended to take advantage of efficiencies from sister organizations the Virginia Association of Municipal Wastewater Agencies (VAMWA) and the Virginia Municipal Stormwater Association (VAMSA), which have been serving Virginia localities and authorities since 1989 and 2008, respectively. Additional efficiencies come from coordinating and sharing resources with the Drinking Water Committee of the North Carolina Water Quality Association, and similar organizations in South Carolina, West Virginia, and Missouri, all of which are supported by common staff.

We hope you will join us in this important work.  To receive more detailed information about VMDWA’s activities and benefits and a Membership Application, please click here to email our administrative support staff.